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Have you tried new Smokehouse BBQ Bacon Sandwich yet? Me neither. But I’m pretty sure, when you’re reading this article, I’ll have enough of them. If you’re here. I believe you’re a huge fan of Chick-Fill-A. You must’ve heard about the Chick-Fill-A survey on MyCFAVisit and the prizes given, but before that let me tell you that there are more reasons to love CFA.Mycfavisit Logo

CFA donates the food to the people in need. Employees have been kind to everyone no matter what position they’re at in the company. Moreover, they have provided $19 million of scholarships to potential students as I’m writing this. Coming to the survey, CFA strives to be the best in the food giant league. MyCFAVisit Survey is purely launched to analyze the customer’s expectations and needs and enhance their satisfaction level. Only the successful completion of the MyCFAVisit Survey ensures you some free delicious meals.

Take Survey or Get Support

What is MyCFAVisit Survey?

You must be wondering what the MyCFAVisit Survey is? A short answer is that Chick-Fill-A, CFA has its survey to get consistent feedback from the customers. Like other food giants; KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut, CFA also understands the need for customer satisfaction and experience survey.

MyCFAVisit Store

Here are some goals all the surveys including CFA intend to target:

  • Customer feedback to know the interest of indigenous people based on gender and age.
  • To improve the menu items. The new items added often result from customer feedback.
  • The survey says more about how their employees can work towards customer satisfaction.
  • It is also beneficial for the customers because CFA is going to improve in the direction of customers’ wishes.

MyCFAVisit Participation Steps

There are not many things to keep in mind while taking up the MyCFAVisit customer experience survey. Here are some simple steps for you and you are good to go to take up the survey on their official website.

  1. Grab your smart device. It can be a PC, laptop, smartphone, or a tab.
  2. Make sure you have a secure and fast internet connection on your device.​
  3. Open a web browser and visit their official website.
  4. You will be asked the survey code printed on the receipt of your last visit to the CFA restaurant.​
    MyCFAVisit Survey
  5. The questions will be very simple and will hardly take any time to answer.
  6. Complete the questionnaire and you will get your code for a free sandwich at CFA within 24 hours after completing the survey via email.

Prerequisites to participate in the MyCFAvisit Survey?​

There are some simple things you need to keep in mind and please don’t ignore the following details.

  • You will have to partake in the survey as soon as possible after visiting the restaurant. The survey won’t take more than 5 minutes.
  • Your age must at least be 18 to be eligible for the survey.
  • A survey code printed on the receipt of your last visit to CFA.
  • Only Spanish and English language is available for the survey. So if keep a local friend with you while taking up the survey if you can’t speak or understand both of the languages easily.
Official NameMyCFAVisit
CountryUnited States
Purpose Survey
LanguageEnglish and Spanish
RewardsFree Meals

MyCFAVisit Contact Details

MyCFAVisit is always concerned about the satisfaction of the customers. They know very well that the lack of quality of the services, or lack in quality of food will take a hard toll on the mind of their valuable customers. Thus, Chick-fil-A has made itself accompanied by some great customer service. MyCFAVisit Customer Support is extremely efficient and hard-working that tries its best to please the customers by solving their issues in no time.

Below are the MyCFAVisit contact details:

Mailing Address: P.O. Box, 725489, Atlanta, GA 31139-9923.

Telephone Number: 1-866-232-2040

Rewards for feedback in the MyCFAvisit Survey

As I said, you are contributing to making CFA better by your feedback and completing the survey. That said, CFA returns a favor by giving some free stuff to each customer who completes the survey successfully.

Chick-Fill-A provides a free sandwich to each of their loyal customers who complete the survey successfully. The coupon code will be emailed by them within 24 hours after taking up the survey and you can use it on your next visit to any of the CFA restaurants.

Kindly visit more pages on the MyCFAvisit Customer Experience Survey to get more details. And if you can any question, head over to our Support page or just find a comment section below. We try to solve the issues to the earliest. Till then, cheers!

48 thoughts on “MyCFAVisit | Chick-fil-A Customer Experience Survey

  1. Hello!

    I completed a survey on 10/13/19 for a visit on 10/12/19. My survey code was 4660202-01899-1911-1012-98. I have not gotten my email for a free sandwich. Is there any way that you could research what went wrong?

  2. I purchased two #1 meals yesterday, and received a survey invitation. I attempted to take the survey to receive my complimentary sandwich and was told I was not qualified to complete the survey. It IS within 48 hours, yet I am being refused, with no explanation. My serial number was 7820307-02585-1827-1017-90 and my name is James Thompson, at My wife frequents your restaurant nearly every day, and we usually receive excellent service… disappointed.

  3. I am too late in responding for the survey, but would like to share this experience. I visited the Chick–fil-A at Lombard, IL on 10/17/19. I ordered a bowl of chicken soup. If you are going to sell CHICKEN soup, you should put some chicken in it. I had one small piece, smaller than a marble and 2 pieces that were barely identifiable as chicken. The remainder was noodles and carrots along with an overly salted broth. With your fine reputation, I suggest you remove the soup from the menu or include chicken in the CHICKEN soup.

    thank you

  4. Could not get through to do survey ..I have eaten your chicken sandwich several times…I use to like it ..I would like it if u added onions.. tomato and mayo…it is really overrated

  5. I ordered 2 grl sandwiches with different bread my meal was not what I had expected chicken was not cooked properly the cashier had a bad attitude I m really disappointed at the service I received .
    store #03035

  6. I didn’t look at my receipt from 10/23/2019 for a few days and noticed your survey listed. The next time I went to eat there I noticed that there was no invitation to take the survey and not serial number listed. Why? Are there only random surveys given?

  7. I wanted to do the additional survey and be entered into contest to win cash but I was interrupted by phone and never started it. My name and email is at the start of it and I would like to continue to do the survey. I can’t find it now. Thanks, Diane

  8. You should give at least a week to enter survey. If you are driving you can’t text and you may 4get by the time you stop. I have multiple surverys. They are all within a 7days time line. I just for got. Getting the free sandwich was an incentive 2 eat at your restaurant more. If I know I have a coupon Chick-fil-a is where I would go. If I had a choice it maybe another place

  9. Ordered 2 chicken strip meals when we pulled through and check we found only 2 strips very disappointed the young man that took our order did not understand and I was unable to understand what he was saying.

  10. I regret why I didn’t the survey before…now I’m not able to do it anymore
    I went to location (03619) ordered a CFS DELUXE with Pepper jack cheese and I got a grilled sandwich deluxe with Colby jack cheese … when I noticed I was too far from restaurant … but this stuff should not happen

  11. I bought chickfila and receipt said free sandwich if do survey, valid thru 1-20-20. I did the survey, and wrote the code on my receipt. I went to Cartersville Ga drive thru. Waited in line, ordered, showed her coupon, she said take to window at pickup. The lady at pickup wouldnt take it, said dont accept anymore. I said it hasn’t expired. She said nope, wont take it. So ,irritated, I just drove off. I did everything right, I think chickfila should make it right. Here is serial number on receipt
    And here was code given to me to show after survey

  12. i completed my survey on 11/12/2019. I completed the survey the very next day after receiving my food. I never received a code to get my free sandwich.

  13. I order my chicken sandwiches without pickle…I don’t like pickles. If someone orders a sandwich plain, it shouldn’t have any pickle taste on the chicken or the bun. Sandwich tastes like pickle juice on the bun or chicken… can’t tell.. but there is definitely evidence that the pickle was just removed rather than it being a PLAIN sandwich… not liking it

  14. Filled out survey from my visit last week and did not receive an email for my free sandwich. I have done these before and never had trouble getting email. I was very surprised that I did not get email.

  15. I’m a Popeyes fan but decided to try Chick-Gil-a about a month ago. Blown out of the water, the chicken sandwich was delicious! Three days ago we went again around 3:05and I can guarantee you that won’t happen again. It was beyond obvious the sandwich had been sitting around likely since lunch time-very dark and very soggy. So disappointed, in fact I doubt I’ll ever return to that location again. This was the store “03514” in Muskogee, Ok.

  16. I gave my code and it said I already did it, which I done but it was on different receipt. Do you have to 48 hrs. To complete a new one.

  17. Tried tried to enter Serial number on receipt for free sandwich, would not let me enter whole number !!!So much for free !!!!

  18. I found my experience at the Chick fil A exceptional. The food was great and the atmosphere was fantastic, we did visit on a Wednesday night(kids night) and everyone had a great time. Due to my error i did not notice my receipt with a coupon. My only comment is going forward will your company consider a few extra days to redeem the coupon? This will not change the main reasons that i frequent your establishment.

  19. I received your offer for a free sandwich. I took the survey but never received the return email for the sandwich. I have not had an issue in the past when I received the offer so I do not know what happened this time.

  20. I did a survey on 11/25/19 survey number 5520103-02817-1841-1125-91 I never did receive a coupon for the free sandwich.thank you.

  21. I completed survey yesterday about your restaurant yesterday. I was told that you will email me within 24 hours coupon for free chicken sandwich after completing. Unfortunately I didn’t get any on my email, however it’s not about 3-4 dollars sandwich, it’s about misleading your customer about this survey.

  22. Went to use a couple of my free survey sandwhich coupons but didn’t work. Is there a way I can look up which ones were redeemed?

  23. The Chick-fil-A in Bartonsville/Stroudsburg is without the Worst Restaurant to eat in, It doesn’t matter if you go in or go on drive-thru your order will always be Wrong, and if you try to make a complaint it gets you NOWHERE, I Find staff and Management to be Extremely Rude, I have made several complaints about this restaurant and I HAVE NEVER EVER HEARD BACK FROM MANAGEMENT ONCE, now it’s a shame cause my daughter really likes eating at CHICK FIL A, This restaurant is fairly new to the area, But As Of Right Now I Will Never Ever Go Back.

  24. I truly thought all the negative comments were not true about Chick-fil-A but unfortunately I founded out thy were. I also filled out the survey in the allotted amount of time to be told they could not continue with the information that I provided. Made me sad. I had such confidence inChick-fil-A. Sorry to say, this changed my opinion of a company that I had always respected.

  25. Had a breakfast meal today and I was a little disappointed in the quality of me and my sons meal. The biscuit sandwich I ordered had hard Colby jack, Hard biscuit, and the fried chicken patty tasted a little old. My sons meal number 1 chick fil a sandwich meal looked like it was flattened and the chicken patty looked like the oil was either old or was a little off for both our patty’s looked dark brown vs the golden brown we are used to seeing. We have been eating here for a while and this is my children’s favorite place to dine breakfast lunch or dinner and this has been a disappointing experience. Hate to have this impression for the next time we consider having chick fil a in the future. Hopefully this message finds your best interest in maintaining the high quality that we are used to seeing from this good organization. Thanks

    Receipt Trans Seq No: 4669282
    Location: Laguna Niguel California
    Date: 12/27/2019
    Time: 8:53:27

  26. Vickie Schuyler

    I also tried to take the survey and it would not let me enter the serial number on my receipt.

  27. I completed meal and never got free sandwich and your phone # is in correct. serial## 7720105-03859-1550-0108-00.

    My mail is
    Please send or reply
    I have tried to retake and it says already done.

    Hyman feldman

  28. I completed the survey the next day after I ate my meal and I never got my free sandwich Survey Serial Number: 0910106-02616-1531-0116-03

    Please send or reply
    I have tried to retake and it says already done.

  29. I had done the survey,on January 23,2020 and got no response from nobody ,or even my email address:
    Nothing was sent to me.
    to my email for my free sandwich.
    Is this how you’ll do the processing if nothing.
    I am not the only one who has this situation
    Can you’ll respond in the right manner?
    Thank you !

  30. This is second receipt for free sandwich after entering the fourth set of numbers it kicks you off and can’t go any further We let the location know if this and they said try again It’s doing the same thing on this receipt We buy a lot of meals and this is upsetting please help if you can to solve the problem with this

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