About Us

Not participated in the MyCFAvisit Customer Experience Survey yet? Visit other articles on our website for tips and step by step procedure to participate in the survey. You can navigate through the website from the menu bar.

What Do We do?

Here is the most important thing we would like to let you know. You are not supposed to take up the survey on our website. We strive to ensure that people don’t struggle even a bit before participating in the MyCFAvisit survey and earn a free sandwich.

If you just landed on this page and don’t know what this survey is about, I’d suggest you go through other articles on this website. 

You can only take up the CFA survey only on their official website only. The official page URL is https://www.mycfavisit.com 

Our fanatic team helps people with taking up the survey and address your issues as soon as possible. You can add comments in the comment section below for any assistance you need Each article has a comment section where you can ask your question or just say a kind word to CFA or to us. We will be more than happy.

What If You Can’t Find The Solution To Your Problem?

We are always here to solve your queries and issues as soon as possible. One of us will reach out to you on your email address or commenting on yours. There are some questions which only official CFA can answer. For that, visit the ‘Support’ page to know how to proceed. You can directly contact the official staff of Chick-Fill-A and they will help you with that.

So hey, take up the survey and enjoy a free sandwich on your next visit to Chick-Fill-A. Till then, cheers!