MyCFAvisit Customer Experience Survey – Detailed Information

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Have you been visiting Chick-Fill-A lately? Or are you a fan of CFA for long now? MyCFAVisit enables you to win some free delicious sandwiches of the CFA. Quite a great deal, isn’t it?

Kindly have a note of some things before participating in the MyCFAvisit Customer Experience Survey.

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MyCFAVisit Survey- Things to Keep in Mind 

Here’s the list for you.

  1. Keep the receipt of your last visit to CFA safe. MyCFAVist Survey Code is must before participating in this survey.
  2. Do complete the survey as soon as possible after your visit. Your survey code might expire if you wait for long.
  3. You must be able to understand and write English or Spanish. If you don’t know these languages, take help of someone who knows one of these.
  4. It won’t take more than 5 minutes so don’t delay just because you think it will take more time from your busy schedule.
  5. You must be at least 18 years old.


Step by Step Procedure To Participate MyCFAVisit Survey

Here’s the full process you need to follow in order to complete the Chick-Fill-A survey successfully.

  1. You must have a comoputer, laptop, or a smartphone with an active internet connection.
  2. Ensure the device has a reliable, secure, and fast internet connection.
  3. Now open the browser and visit their official website,
  4. You will be asked the survey code which will be present on the receipt of your last visit to any CFA restaurant.
  5. You need to provide some personal details on completion of the MyCFAVisit Survey. Don’t worry, your personal details are completely safe with us.
  6. Hit the Finish survey button and wait for the coupon code.
  7. You will receive your coupon code within 24 hours of completion of the survey. Kindly note it somewhere.
  8. You need to validate your coupon code on your next visit to the CFA to get some free delicious sandwiches.

I hope you have understood how to proceed with the survey. If you have any confusion with anything, you can drop a comment in the comment section below. Enjoy your free delicious sandwich. Cheers!


21 thoughts on “MyCFAvisit Customer Experience Survey – Detailed Information”

  1. Yesterday, 10/17/2019 at 10:35:26 AM I dined in at the Eagles Landing FSU (#01082) location, operated by Paul White. Given my receipt by the cashier Marian, from Register:7 Tran Seq No:8672137, she informed my I had be given the opportunity to receive a free Chick-fil-A Sandwich if I would take a survey within 2 days. Today 10/18/2017 I have attempted 3 tries unsuccessfully using the code 1070107-01082-1035-1017-99. It would seem I have finally found something it would not be “your pleasure” doing for me… allowing me to take the survey, acknowledge how well my time in you affiliate went, how satisfied I was with my experience, AND receive a free sandwich. Not certain why the site isn’t permitting me to do these things. However, I do know I would have liked to compliment the location AND received my free sandwich… Oh well maybe next time it will be “my pleasure” to do so. Thank you for your attention and time.

  2. I am absolutely tired of buying cookies and expecting to warm them later only to have a brick for a cookie. My food was only warm at 2:31p.m. There are too many employees during this time of day for warm food. I’m not returning to this restaurant.

  3. No survey code on our receipt but the fries we had tonight were way over salted and seemed to be stale. CFA fries are normally our favorite and they were disappointing tonight.

  4. I love Chic-Fil-A. I really wanted to I really wanted to give feedback about my favorite restaurant in the world. We dine at Chick-FIL-A. I continue to go to the location on Potranco Road (#02688) because the service is top-notch! The place is always clean, they crew is always professional, and above all, the food is delicious. Lastly our new friend “Joshua “ is super friendly. I waited too long to do the survey but saw that I could do FEEDBACK and someone really needs to know how the team at Potranco is doing an outstanding job. Thanks to everyone who makes our experience memorable.

  5. I am disappointed that I was there on a Friday evening and had my receipt that was giving me an option to fill out a survey for a free chick fil a chicken sandwich– serial # 9800103-03642-1905-1025-97— but working Saturday and Sunday and going online Monday to complete the survey found that my offer expired. I am a loyal customer and one that uses my points that I earn when I scan my app for rewards and offer every so often.. I was wanting to comment on the items I purchased on Friday with my husband and my son when all of us purchased the original chicken sandwich meal except my husband substituting the fries for a side salad and when we got our food the side salad was sad looking very little lettuce and nothing like what we usually get and my husband went to the front register to let them know and the person at the register looked at it and said that’s what they look like and they didn’t even offer to swap it or anything. My husband came back to the table and told me what they had said. For the add’l that we pay for substituting for the side salad I have never thought for the type of family owned restaurant this is disappointed on the outcome. We have been coming to the chick Filet location in Valrico since it opened and never had the service we had that night.

  6. The service is extreeeeemely slow in the Silver Spring Ellsworth Chic Fil A
    I always order through my chic fil a app and still end up waiting on my food. Its ridiculous.
    My past three orders fro the past week and a half were all from that location and I will make sure that I order my chic fil a from a different location. Even my app would update me saying “its been a while, have you got your food?” UNACCEPTABLE

  7. I took the survey but did not get the number to get my free sandwich, how do I get the number. The serial number on my receipt is 8770202033661600103090 date of service 10/30/2019.

  8. I have another coupon to enter, but it retains the message of a prior coupon that I entered a few days too late! Now, it won’t let me enter the new one!!!!

  9. I was wondering if you could connect the MyCFAvisit to the reward for scanning so your free sandwich comes on your account wether in points or as a sandwich. Ty

  10. I went to CFA this morning to pick up breakfast. I received this free sandwich. I tried to put in the code and I did not work. Here is the code 0120202 00602 0949 1101 90. Please tell me why this code did not work

    Thank you Mike Heath


  11. I don’t like when you can only fill out surveys in 2 days. Sometimes people forget to do them. I eat lunch there every day.

  12. I called at least 6 times and spoke to a customer rep about my survey ticket. I called at least 3 times in September and a few times in October. No one has followed up with me yet. Very disappointed !

  13. I just had the worst service at north riverside. It started from a misunderstanding with multiple coupons, that’s cool and I paid for the rest. but the employees were acting like I was some criminal for having a coupon. The manager even tried to rush me out the drive Thru because I was trying to scan my app but it logged me out. I spend my money there all the time and I shouldn’t be treated like that. My receipt didn’t have a survey code either. I would love to speak to the store manager. My transaction number was 2819946. Store #03174 11/8/2019

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